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Softwork Sealant Heater

Using cartidge based sealant in cold weather can be time consuming and bothersome. Norwegian carpenter has developed a solution: Softwork® Heater battery-powered cartridge heater. You can have a frozen cartridge, and 10 minutes later be ready to work.

2 hours battery life and 2 hours charging time. We include an extra battery so you can work non-stop in the cold.

Advantages by using Softwork:

  • You can glue outside in the winter
  • You save your arm from having to struggle to get the glue/sealant out, even when it’s not freezing, but just cold.
  • Even if you keep your glue inside during the winter, it keeps it warm when you are using it outside
  • You get the job done!

Included in the package is 2x 5000mAh batteries and one Softwork Sealant Heater.


Weight 377 g
Dimensions 33 × 20 × 8 cm



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